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How To manually Install the cache in order to play Karmascape V4

  1.  Download the cache as a "Zipped" File from here  ->HERE
  2. Extract the inner contents and Add them into either the exhisting file or a new file with this name exactly "KSV4"
  3. After the contents have been added into the file KSV4 you will need to move the file into your C:/ drive to get here you will need to follow this path file.
  4. Any type of files (documents, musics, network etc) and click on the WINDOWS (C:)
  5. Now open Users.
  6. Open your folder (computer account - Ash for example) 
  7. Now drag the KSV4 into the User file you've just opened.
  8. Now you can cancel all of the files once they've finished being re-located and load up the installed client or the webclient and Play!

A Tutorial using images will be available soon for the more visual learners/readers - Thank you for being patient

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