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Purchase Tokens to purchase items in-game from other players such as Drygores, capes, wings and amazing new armours only found within Karmascape.

Warning: Buying items from other in-game members is against the rules & the purchased items and both accounts will be terminated along with other accounts owned on your address.

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Quantity of Dragon Tokens
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100 Dragon Tokens
200 Dragon Tokens
300 Dragon Tokens
400 Dragon Tokens
500 Dragon Tokens
600 Dragon Tokens
700 Dragon Tokens
800 Dragon Tokens
900 Dragon Tokens
1,000 Dragon Tokens
2,000 Dragon Tokens
3,000 Dragon Tokens
4,000 Dragon tokens
5,000 Dragon Tokens
10,000 Dragon Tokens
15,000 Dragon Tokens
Quantity of RS3GP
333 Dragon Tokens
666 Dragon Tokens
999 Dragon Tokens
1332 Dragon Tokens
1665 Dragon Tokens
1998 Dragon Tokens
2331 Dragon Tokens
2664 Dragon Tokens
2997 Dragon Tokens
3330 Dragon Tokens
4995 Dragon Tokens
6660 Dragon Tokens
 8325 Dragon Tokens
10,000 Dragon Tokens

To calculate the prices of RSGP to $ you need to get a calculator (one can be found HERE) and then you'll need to get the $ value for example, to purchase 1,000 dragon tokens it costs 10$ if you put 10 into your calculator and do x 3 or (*3) you will get the price of the purchase. so the outcome should be 30M RSGP to purchase 1T in-game Dragon Tokens


To calculate the price of RS07GP you'll need to get the RSGP value by doing the above calculation and dividing it by 7, for example if you wanted to purchase 1,000 dragon tokens by RSGP RS3 version you would need to pay 30M to get the RS07 Value you would do the RS3 calculations and divide it by 7.

Heres an example to find out how much you'd need to pay to purchase a normal 1,000 Dragon tokens in-game.

So it's 

10 (using paypal price) Times by 3 (RS3 Price) divided by 7 and the result will be the 07 price to pay for the tokens.


Stripe allows Karmascape players to make direct bank purchases instead of donating with Paypal this process is more simple and doesn't require any information to be stored and all Host ash see's is the Cardholders name + The amount of payment sent.

The payment is safe, secure and fast so theres no worrying about your money being infeltrated throughout the sending process, your money not arriving. Stripe is a very strong independant company.

After you've used this option please ensure you find Host ash/Fizzy/Brandon/Tanker65 In-game and tell them that you've purchased the donator rank via Stripe. Host ash will then be informed and it will be checked. Your rank will then be given! Any issues please ensure you contact us so it can be resolved.

Purchase Donator Rank

Purchase 10,000 Dragon Tokens

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